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Full Digital Marketing service, 360° Creative & Optimized Facebook Campaigns, YouTube Marketing, Google AdWords and E-mail Marketing.


Digital Marketing is the promotion of services, products or brands through electronic devices. Digital marketing is different than the offline marketing, involving the use of techniques and processes that enables to analyze marketing campaigns and understand what is efficient or inefficient – typically in real time. Giving opportunity to monitor things like what is being viewed, how often and for how long, what is the opinion of the customers, how high are the sales conversation, and most important, what content works and doesn’t work.


Digital media is so extensive that people have access to data at any time and any place. Digital marketing is more efficient and infinitely more affordable than traditional marketing, transmitting a marketing message to people for the smallest fragment of the cost of a TV ad or print campaign, potentially reaching a wider audience. Digital marketing is the future of marketing, and its probable that digital media, very quickly will take the place of many offline marketing forms together. We all live in the digital world and we are very aware that the digital age is happening right now, so those companies that won’t succeed to adjust to the new digital marketing climate are at great risk of being wiped out.


We are full-service Digital Marketing Agency from Skopje, Macedonia. We are lead by the process of giving maximum value for our client’s investment.
We offer digital campaigns sooner, deliver high quality output, driven by our intuition and experience at the same time.
Our guiding principle is to provide value for the people and the brand at the same time, delivering quality digital content, bringing emotions into everything we create.
We work hard in creating the finest digital expression of your brand imaginable, ensuring that our work is a success for your business.

We are Kreative, Analitycal, Responsive and Alternative 5

Digital Marketing

360° Creative and Optimized Digital Marketing Campaigns



SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Applying variety of methods and techniques to your web page, achieving a better positioning of all search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, with permanent value. (on and off site tactics).

PPC – Pay Per Click

A type of internet marketing in which you are paying just when one of your advertisements is clicked. Essentially, is extremely cost-effective when is managed by professionals who truly understand how the it works.  Allow us to do the research, develop a strategy, monitor traffic,  overview bids, plan budgets, start an effective PPC campaign for you.

Google Adwords

Be noticed at the very moment some potential customer is searching on Google for services and products you offer. Pay Per Click, only when that person clicks on your advertisement. Engage more customers, Get more audience at the right time, Advertise nationally or globally, PPC, Choose your own budget. If you want to attract more visitors to your site, get more phone calls, or want to return your customers again and again, we can help. Your company is presented only when people search exactly for products and services that you offer. You can choose your own budget and you can advertise nationally and globally, and you are paying just when one of your advertisements is clicked, so only when you have quality campaign. Let us start an quality campaign for you.

GDN - Google Display Network

With GDN you are capable of advertising your company with any kind of ads – textually and visually. We can help you place the ads on websites that are relevant for your company and appearance the ads to the people that is expected to be interested. We manage and track your budget, campaigns and results in real time.

Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing & Facebook Marketing

Social Media are an evolving source of entertainment, news, shopping and social interaction, and people are being served not only to what you say about your business, but what the media, friends, family, peers, etc., are saying as well. And they will definitely believe them rather than you. Customers want companies they recognize, brands they trust, communications that are personalized and related, and offers adapted to their needs and preferences.We create tailored business page for You, analyze your target audience, create fully optimized campaigns, design visual advertisements, communicate with your fans, monitor the advertisements, give you monthly result report.

Youtube Marketing

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